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You are worthy of success, and we know just how to help you achieve it. Our coaching packages are designed to help you choose the level of support you need, from a quick 1 month fix to help you attain one goal, to a full year of coaching to set you up for a life of happiness, wealth & gratitude.

Our packages

Starting from £3,000, we offer a range of coaching programmes to suit your requirements.

Blossom With

Make 1 Thing Happen
1 Month
  • Free Consultation Call
  • Focus & Planning Call
  • Weekly Activity Tasks
  • 4 x Accountability Calls
  • Execution Call / Moving Forward

Success With

Achieve Your Goals
3 Months
  • Free Consultation Call
  • Focus & Planning call
  • Weekly Activity Tasks
  • 16 x Accountability Calls
  • 1 Face to Face Meeting
  • Execution Call / Summary

Get It
With Gold

Become Life Rich
6 Months
  • Free Consultation Call
  • Focus & Planning Call
  • Weekly Activity Tasks
  • 24 x Accountability Calls
  • 2 x Personal Coaching Meetings
  • Execution Call / Summary


Live Abundantly
12 Months
  • Free Consultation
  • Weekly Tasks
  • 12 x Planning Meetings
  • 48 x Accountability Calls
  • 7 Day a Week Support

The Power Hour!

Are you lost and need clarity? Do you have a business idea but struggling to action it? Does your business need a new strategy?

Affluent Life Coaching will work with you to kick start and get back on track! We will provide clarity & guidance, and a clear strategy and income producing activity to enable you to move forward.

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