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We’re passionate about helping you to reach your goals. We offer a direct, fair and realistic approach to helping you succeed. With Affluent Life Coaching, you get two honest and experienced life coaches for the price of one. That means you get twice the support, twice the knowledge, and twice the success.

Kim Dowse

Balancing and fulfilling your role within the family, work, then making time for you takes prioritising, forethought and organisation. I’ve been that person trying to juggle too many plates and feeling as though I’m dropping them all! Starting my career in publishing very quickly securing an advertisement manager role at just 22 years of age. 3 months into the role I found out I was pregnant with my first child. At that time the industry was male dominated and i felt under pressure to be as good if not better than my male colleagues. The company invested heavily in its management with training, the guru Brian Tracy was my first exposure to self development, it opened my eyes to a new way of working but without having a personal coach to implement this way of working into my life the benefit was limited.
Ambitious I progressed to group sales and training manager, winning many company awards but travelling between offices, I was stressed, unhappy with 2 children, and a relationship there was no time to invest in. Something had to change. Attending a hospital appointment awaiting test results, I was nervous but my phone didn’t stop work kept calling! It was the wake up call, the lightbulb moment!
Was this worth it?
What did success mean for me?
Arriving home, the first thing I did was write down the following.....
Was I happy?
Were my family happy?
What needed to change?
What was my passion?
Could my passion bring fulfilment?
What skills did I need?
How would I achieve them?
Walking away from a successful career Id worked hard for wasn’t easy but it was the best thing I ever did! It was time to invest in me and my growing family! The last 20 years have been a journey of discovery. Our family grew, we now have 6 children who have enjoyed having both parents around to attend school functions and support them. Being a flexible parent means you don’t miss a trick.
Following my passion we set up a successful online business from scratch in a niche market starting with 0 customers. This was scary but focusing on the dream made it happen & continues to thrive. As the children grew, new challenges were needed, finding a business model from a US networking company, was the perfect time to pick up the training and mentoring side which I’d continued to develop. 3 years spent coaching & mentoring others to achieve their goals and their version of success brings the most satisfaction. Over the years we fail forward but it makes us who we are, do you know what would make you successful in life?

Emma Jones

1. voted Under 21s top 10 in U.K. recruiter
2. Super salon owner of a turnover of £280k in first years trading
3. Super salon owner which in first years trading won salon of the year award for wales, national hair and beauty always 2018
4. Super salon owner which in 2nd year trading currently nominated down to the top 10 for again salon of the year award for wales, national hair and beauty always 2019
5. Won highly commended award for entrepreneur of the year for welsh women in business 2019
6. Ariix network marketing 2018 awarded the prestigious award of unleashing human potential
7. Ariix network marketing 2018 top European power ranker
8. Ariix network marketing 2017 top European power ranker
9. Ariix network marketing number one female power ranked for the U.K.
10. Qualified Life coach and SETQ Trainer
11. Obtained a Director role at the age of 23 due to the growth career success

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