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Let's Grow Together

Join our mailing list and get FREE ACCESS to our Million Pound Business Guide

What's holding you back?

You choose the goals, and we'll help you get there

We get it, life isn’t quite how you want it to be. You want more, but something is holding you back – and that something is you. It’s OK, we’ve all been there – stuck in a rut, feeling dissatisfied with our current situation and wishing we were living our dream lives.

Our beliefs, self-worth and mindset shape our future. With Affluent Life Coaching, you’ll get the support and confidence you need to make positive changes in your life. We’re passionate about your success and empower you to become Life Rich – rich in all aspects including financial, emotional & spiritual.

Our Approach

Our 1-2-1 approach is tailored to you

Coaching The Soul

Focusing on the mind, body & soul

Unlocking The Answers

Finding the key to your success

Wire & Fire The Brain

Changing your mindset & beliefs

What a life coach can do for you

We help you get the most out of life

The most successful people in any industry work with a life coach, from a CEO in a multi million pound company to athletes, entrepreneurs, anyone who is not where they want to be. Our clients turn to us as life coaches as they are unclear about the direction their life is going in, they feel there is something missing or they recognise that they have not reached their full potential. From the outside our clients appear successful but inside they may be struggling with an area in their life and feel they are failing, that’s where we come in. We will work with you to discover what that something is, and how you can break through the barriers to fulfil your true potential, accessing the happiness you desire and focusing on being the best version of yourself.

We all have secret worries and fears that we don’t want to share with our social circle but when you’re worried that your aspirations or goals will be judged by your closest friends you can start to hold yourself back. You might find yourself blocking your own goals. If you’ve started telling yourself, that what you want simply isn’t possible, that you don’t deserve it or that you should put others’ needs before your own, then you’re probably not getting the most out of your life. Putting your needs behind those of others is something we all do in all aspects of our lives. From work, to our families, friendships, relationships to sex – we can get caught up in trying to please other people and forget to invest in ourselves. This leads to an imbalance in your life and leaves you feeling stressed, frustrated and bewildered.
It’s time to learn the skills to empower you to “self manage”
“If it’s going to happen, we need to learn how to make it happen”

If you resonate with any aspects above, take the first step, book your initial free 60 minute consultation and let’s discuss if we are the right coaches for you to transform and become more affluent in every aspect of your life.


Choose your destiny

Starting from £3,000, we offer a range of coaching programmes to suit your requirements.

Blossom With

Make 1 Thing Happen
1 Month
  • Free Consultation Call
  • Focus & Planning Call
  • Weekly Activity Tasks
  • 4 x Accountability Calls
  • Execution Call / Moving Forward

Success With

Achieve Your Goals
3 Months
  • Free Consultation Call
  • Focus & Planning call
  • Weekly Activity Tasks
  • 16 x Accountability Calls
  • 1 Face to Face Meeting
  • Execution Call / Summary

Get It
With Gold

Become Life Rich
6 Months
  • Free Consultation Call
  • Focus & Planning Call
  • Weekly Activity Tasks
  • 24 x Accountability Calls
  • 2 x Personal Coaching Meetings
  • Execution Call / Summary


Live Abundantly
12 Months
  • Free Consultation
  • Weekly Tasks
  • 12 x Planning Meetings
  • 48 x Accountability Calls
  • 7 Day a Week Support

The Power Hour!

Are you lost and need clarity? Do you have a business idea but struggling to action it? Does your business need a new strategy?

Affluent Life Coaching will work with you to kick start and get back on track! We will provide clarity & guidance, and a clear strategy and income producing activity to enable you to move forward.

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Kim Dowse & Emma Jones, Lifestyle & Business Coaches at Affluent Life Coaching

Why Choose Us?

We're Kim & Emma

We’re passionate about helping you to reach your goals and achieve your dreams. We offer a direct, fair and realistic approach to helping you succeed. With Affluent Life Coaching, you get two honest and experienced life coaches for the price of one. That means you get twice the support, twice the knowledge, and twice the success.

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